Saturday, May 22, 2010

US 59-270 overlap in Arkansas and Oklahoma

The US 59-270 duplex in Arkansas and Oklahoma is unusual because the dominant name of the highway changes at the state line. In Arkansas, the road is locally known as Highway 270. In Oklahoma, the road is locally known as Highway 59. The state highway departments seem to agree. Here's an excerpt from the Arkansas control section map of Polk County:

As you can see, the control section number is US 270, section 1. US 59 only exists in Arkansas as an overlap. Here's an excerpt from the LeFlore County control section map:

It shows the control section number as 59. Signs along the 59/270 overlap in Oklahoma point to "Old US 59" and addresses along this section are US 59 addresses. In Arkansas, addresses along US 59/270 are US 270 addresses. Is there anywhere else in the US that a US highway changes control section designations at a state line like this?

Monday, May 10, 2010

US 64: Tulsa's redheaded stepchild

US 64 takes an unusual trek through the Tulsa metro. Most of the highway is duplexed with other roads, and the other roads are considered the dominant road. US 64 and 412 merge at the end of the Cimmaron Turnpike. This road is locally known as either "412" or "Keystone Expressway". In downtown Tulsa along the Inner Dispersal Loop, US 64 piggybacks I-244 for a short distance then piggybacks hidden I-444 and US 75. Then it heads east along a highway that is locally known as "The BA" or Broken Arrow Expressway and sometimes "Highway 51" but rarely "64." The entire stretch of the US 64/OK 51 piggyback has OK 51 as the primary number. The control section map of this area confirms this:

It also confirms that 169 is the main number on the 169/64 overlap. After leaving OK 51, US 64 follows US 169 south. This highway is known locally as "169". I've never heard anybody call it US 64. Even the US 169 signs are placed above the US 64 signs on trailblazer assemblies. Once US 169 ends and US 64 heads south, you would think it would finally get its own identity. You'd be wrong! Because US 64 through Bixby is locally known as "Memorial." US 64 doesn't get its identity back until you get past the Leonard Curve on the south side of Bixby. Poor US 64. It doesn't get the respect it deserves.